What Our Incredible Customers Say

We love you at least as much as you love us

Ingjerd Hovde

I never thought having my own business would be so easy and so much fun. I can spend my time developing content and keeping my students happy in stead of administration and technicalities. Having Simplero is like having an amazing, pretty assistant helping you with all the boring tuff. Also, the customer support is just as friendly, fast and helpful as everyone says it is.

One of my favorite things in Simplero is the new website builder. Before the update I used both Leadpages, Instapage and Wordpress for my sales page, but the new Simplero website builder beats them all. And it is included in the price!

Howard Jacobson

Discovering Simplero has been one of the little joys of my business over the past year. Not only does it take the drudgery out of the details of running a web-based information business, it feels like Simplero was designed exactly with me in mind.

So many features that I'd been missing in my previous shopping cart that enable me to connect effortlessly with my audience. And so many features that I didn't even know I wanted until I experienced them for myself.

And the "magic" factor - a powerful and obvious sense that Calvin and his team really care about me, and about my audience, and about the work I'm doing in the world. That they view Simplero as a simple machine that can both focus and magnify my mission in the service of global healing.

Plus, by getting rid of a shopping cart and an email broadcast/autoresponder service, I'm getting all this cheaper than before.


Jesper Christophersen

Simplero has made it possible for us to run our online video based art school, making us able to help contemporary artists from everywhere improve their technical skills and making them ready for reaching their goals in the art world. It simply wouldn’t have been possible for us, if it wasn´t for Simplero.

Simplero lets us run and control everything in our business as easy and simple as it gets, and the incredible customer service makes us feel that we´re always in safe hands. Online teaching is a brilliant way to help each other regardless of place and time and Simplero lets us focus on what we´re best at: Producing great content for our customers.

We highly recommend Simplero to everyone wanting to enter the world of online teaching.

Tue Olesen

Simplero is my one-stop-shop for publishing digital content and staying in touch with my customers.

If you like less switching between systems and fewer worries at the end of the day, Simplero is the way to go. Fast and friendly support when you need help. Plus, an enthusiastic and inspiring community of helpful users too!

If you want to sell your knowledge online, i can highly recommend using Simplero as your platform!

Rasmus Lindgren

I can't recommend Simplero enough. From email marketing and e-commerce optimized for information products, over to membership sites and affiliate management. It pretty much runs my entire company.

It does it all in an easy to use low priced package, and even comes with awesome support if you get yourself in trouble.

Lane Rebelo

Adding online offerings to my local small business was a huge transition. I did a lot of research and made a ton of mistakes. One mistake was investing in Infusionsoft—I quickly learned it was WAY too expensive and confusing for me and my little biz. Then I had help setting up a system that integrated WishList, MailChimp, PayPal and a few other plugins. It worked, but I couldn't change anything on my own and it was completely inflexible—and it was just for one product!

Finally, I moved to Simplero last year. It's made such a huge difference! I can manage everything for my business through Simplero on my own. Now I've got email with all the tagging and automation I was dreaming of, multiple membership sites that were easy to set up, online registration for my local classes, sales pages for my downloadable content—seriously everything. And I can do it all myself. I don't have to pay an expensive contractor to help me and I'm not worried about breaking something like I was with my old complex setup with multiple integrations.

And the very BEST part is the 5 star customer support. Calvin and Mandi are right there when you need them—offering quick and helpful responses so I can keep moving forward. I used to get tempted when I would hear about the latest new tool, but I've finally settled in for the long haul and my appreciation for Simplero grows deeper every month!

Grant Zabriskie

Simplero was a life saver!

When we set out to start building our online following and courses, we looked a every option out there. All of them felt too expensive or overwhelming. However, Simplero's feature set, user friendliness, support, and awesome price beat them all out. Even now, I am continually amazed at the versatility and breath of Simplero’s platform, and it keeps getting better!

Although I’ve never personally met Calvin and his team, I feel like they are our friends. Overall, it’s been the perfect tool for us as we’ve set out to build our online following, create courses, and start selling.

Grant Zabriskie
Sandja Brügmann

As a business person always trying to optimize both my customers' experience and my spend, I decided after a half year of using Simplero to try another service to run my online courses. This other wordpress coursepro plugin was cheaper on a month to month basis, and it seeemed an added bonus that it lives on my site making my branding more aligned throughout the user experience.

However, what I experienced with the other platform solution was nothing short of a financial drain and time suck. The course plugin was not reliable, it was not user-friendly on the back-end compared to Simplero, and after five months' efforts (I had a professional tech team on this) costing me much money, not to speak of stress, time and energy, I came to realize that Simplero, though a bit more per month, is a very good investment.

The platform works, is reliable, robust, and has excellent customer service both for me on back-end questions, as well as course user technical needs. I was thrilled when I contacted Simplero and they were able to restore my account with all the course content and settings. I won't be switching away again!

Sandja Brügmann
Matt Hallisy

I had been using another shopping cart for a while but was always underwhelmed with it. Searching for a new cart, I found a few that worked well but none would be easily able to be integrated with my membership site, short of hiring a software developer.

Then I found Simplero. It is so much more of an elegant solution. Now I can coalesce my previous autoresponder, landing page site, membership site, and shopping cart all in one place—for less than I was spending for the other 4. Not only that, but their service (particularly Mandi) was incredible.

This is by far the best kept secret in the Internet Marketing space. I love Simplero!

Karin Schultz

3 months ago I put my brand new online business in the hands of Simplero, and I have not had a single moment of regret.

It didn´t take me long to find my way through the most importent features and in no time I had created everything.

This system has so many intelligent features and every time I get the thought: "It would be so neat if I could do this and that"—I actually can!

The very best part of it is the brilliant support. I am overwhelmed! You need help—you get help. And not just any help. You get support right away and in a very competent and explaining way that leaves you with the feeling of "Oh, that´s excactly what I needed, now I know what to do".

I just love working with this all-in-one system and the flexibility and freedom it gives me to grow my online business.

Thanks a million, Simplero!

Michele Paiva

If more companies behaved as your company does, there would be less need for "funnels", because when you get it right, you don't need to "funnel" all the time.

I tried other systems first, but they just led to stress and headaches. When I tried Simplero, I felt jazzed up and excited.

I'm here to deliver "me" in my courses and forums, and Simplero helps me to continue giving top notch service.

I am so blessed to know that Simplero exists and the great energy behind it. There's nothing half-assed or McSoftware about you guys. It's been very intimate and personal. I appreciate that.

Keep doing what you are doing because it is top notch!

Dylan Smith

Simplero saves us hours each month in admin time. Time that we can now spend on business development.

We can also offer a very quick response. Last week we create a donation avenue for the fundraising campaign of a local Circus school in just a few hours. Something we wouldn't have been able to support without Simplero.

Thomas Rosenstand

I've sold digital products online for at least 9 years. For a number of reasons I decided to switch platforms and I chose Simplero.

After a few hours I realized that I've been wasting my time for years! This system rocks! It is easy, it can do anything I want—and if it can't they'll make it so it can. Within hours from my request—literally.

To me it is like starting all over on a new online life. Only downside: I want to work with Simplero all night instead of sleeping :-)

My full and total recommendation to this system—don't waste your time on anything else. Seriously!

Michelle Dobbins

I am new to creating online courses and I love how easy Simplero makes it and I adore all the positive messages that pop up on the site for me and my customers. You are the bomb!

Dr. Shalanda Moten

I simply wanted to say thank you so much for your help, and the wonderful tutorial videos. Your platform is super-easy to use!

Kara Sorensen

I love your videos, your message, and how you make tech stuff simple, it's music to my ears.

I've built my own websites, my office is in Silicon Valley and I'm always getting frustrated with how complicated most software engineers make things. It takes great skill to make the user experience enjoyable. Apple does it, but you've done it singlehandedly.

And, with the spiritual stuff as the foundation, it so resonates with me. I never thought I'd actually find something like this. What a nice surprise.

Gilli Moon

I'm so happy to be with Simplero.

You speak to me because I was with infusionsoft for a minute and was about to learn Wordpress and try customerhub and it all seemed too technical and expensive. You are a breath of fresh air.

Gilli Moon
Rob McNeilly

Using Simplero is a wonderful experience, and with all the integrations happening seamlessly within the program—so many headaches avoided.

And I'm only paying you about 1/3rd of what I paid for a bunch or programmes that took a lot of effort to more or less integrate. In fact, I've bought myself a new MacBook with the money I'm saving with Simplero.

I'm aproaching the level of a religious convert!

Ellany Lea

My business was suffering from multiple systems chaos, ie a separate system for my mailing list, my e-commerce, my invoicing, and my membership site. Simplero is the answer to all my prayers.

I gave some big name systems a trial run, but my Virtual Assistant found it much too complicated and I didn't want to waste my time training my support team.

More than that, Simplero embodies my values: constant growth based on client feedback and impeccable customer service. Calvin truly pours heart, not ego, into Simplero, which makes my business so much cleaner and streamlined.

I've recommended it to every online entrepreneur I know! And I couldn't be more grateful for Calvin's one-on-one support, during my setup phase. You rock!

Keri Nola

Your customer service is seriously out of this world, Calvin. I am infinitely grateful to be working with you and your product. Thank you again.

Lisa Tarry

I love your vibe. Keep being you. Your product is amazing. Whilst my Wordpress site causes nothing but problems, your site is fast, consistent, and enjoyable to use. I feel safe and looked after in it.

Mads Timmermann

It has been a pleasure to use Simplero. The system contains exactly the technical features we need to sell our books and online courses. At the same time, the system is easy to use for both administrators and customers.

Lloyd Burnett

I have been with Infusionsoft for over 2 years. After an expensive startup fee and months of video trainings, I still haven't quite got it to work for me yet. My business is not very complicated, but setup inside Infusionsoft is not as intuitive as I need it to be. I always have to call technical support or hire a developer.

After 2 years of having tech support on speed dial, I finally decided that I needed something a little more user-friendly.

I made the switch to Simplero and finally feel like I can actually run the back end of my business without complicating things or needing to call tech support every day.

I use spaces in Simplero a lot. Membership sites aren't included in Infusionsoft. I had to pay extra and hire a developer to design it for me. It took weeks to design and set up.

With Simplero, member sites are included and super user-friendly. I set my member site up in less than 60 minutes and was open for business the same day.

Candice Schutter

I have only just begun moving my content over to Simplero and already I am blown away by HOW MUCH more accessible and functional your product is than any other ecourse hosting software I have explored. It kicks the competition's ass in every possible way!!!

I am thrilled that I will be able to integrate my mailing list, shopping cart, and ecourse content… all in one affordable product! This is a huge time and money saver.

Also, I keep finding little gems of convenience as I am rolling this puppy out... great attention to detail in design. I'm so appreciative.

Not to mention, Calvin, you offer amazingly personalized customer service. You're so responsive and seem to truly want me and my business to succeed. Making the move to Simplero is the best decision I've made in a while.

Kara Maria Ananda

I started using Simplero last month after researching it and every other online course delivery system extensively for 8 months.

I've been doing online courses for 2.5 years, and I am so excited to have moved to Simplero. I am really happy with the ease of figuring it out, and have also moved my Mailchimp list over to Simplero, as well as using it for online products and creating an affiliate program.

I'm in the process of moving all my online classes over to Simplero now. Calvin's been super helpful whenever I've had questions (thanks Calvin!). Just wanted to share that I'm a happy customer. 😊

Jane Thoning Callesen

I've just sung the praises of Simplero in my various business networks. It's brilliant, and 100% worth the price!

I'm extremely grateful that Simplero exists. Without your software I'd have never gotten started—and it's crazy how effective and fast your customer support is. Big applause and a million thanks from me!

And an extra-big thanks for your work these past 24 hours. The ultra-fast support is critical for my trust in Simplero, and a recent mini-crisis has really reinforced how right I was to choose Simplero as the foundation for my business.

Sandy Ross

I've tried a few membership systems and they’ve been EXTREMELY frustrating. But the more I use Simplero, the more I love it! I finally feel excited about my business again! Thanks Calvin!!

Maj Wismann

When I wanted to go online with my products, I started out with a web shop that cost me thousands to get done—and I couldn't even change a thing without having to get the web company to do it. I became more and more frustrated.

Since I had my new 'problem page' website anyway, I looked around to see what's available for mere mortal non-tech-geeks like me. And that's when Simplero turned up. I was actually terribly nervous about getting started, but the genius is that there are video guides for everything, and anytime I was unsure about something, I just wrote Calvin using the support system, and I promptly got a response back. The service is outstanding, it's easy to use, and I now administer EVERYTHING myself, which suits me perfectly.

In addition to that, I also run my entire newsletter from Simplero, which is easy and simple and a brilliant thing to combine with online products.

I'm constantly recommending Simplero to everyone who has even a hint of an ebook or an online product up their sleeve.

Joyce Campbell

I have spent the morning building a course on Simplero, and I have to say I'm impressed by how easy and intuitive it is. I've been using virtual learning environments for about 4 years now, and they usually have me losing the will to live at some point, but this is REALLY easy.

Sophie Hovdekorp

Your support is way up there. The help is right there, every single time. With patience and persistence. :-) This is quite simply why I recommend Simplero over all other products.

Maria Hanke

I didn't get on Simplero until last night, and I just have to say out loud, it is SO awesome and it just works and wooohooooo!!!

Tania Friis

What a great day I've had with Simplero. THANK you! It is easy, extremely well communicated, intuitive, and not least I get the feeling it is very stable, and that makes me feel calm. I'm MEGA happy about my experience with Simplero today.

It is such a top-notch piece of work you have done, Calvin! THANK you. My heart has become so much lighter today, and I'll be so proud to tell the world about my LOVElounge now, because the content is mega amazing and now the form is too. :)

Helle Bisholm

I just have to compliment you—Simplero is quite simply fantastic. Wow! When even I can find my way around, create products, and so on, that means it really is straight-forward and easy, and everyone can figure this out!

Cammilla Rysgaard

Simplero gives me a complete platform for my entire online business.

I enjoy not having to spend unnecessary time on administration, invoicing, following-up, delivery, and so on. Everything just works perfectly.

It's also tremendously comforting to know that customer service is right there when I need it.

I can't think of anything else to wish for in Simplero, because you're always adding great new features and details.

Thank you for an amazing platform!

Danno Sullivan

A big thank-you to Simplero for making my week easy and profitable! Just did my first big online product push, and everything has worked perfectly in Simplero. And every time I found myself wishing for something specific, I'd dig a little deeper and find it was already there. Support has been fast, accurate, and kind.

I've been keeping my fingers in other pies (still have accounts with GetResponse, Wishlist, Vimeo, and a trial of Ontraport), and I'm closing them down one by one.

Really impressed, really pleased, and really glad that this product exists.

Danno Sullivan
Zoë Escher

I have the last few years used Simplero and I have only positive experiences with the system.

As a Japanese trained sushi chef, I teach many sushi courses for children, adults and businesses every month.

The system is very user-friendly for a non-IT expert like me, it is easy to create courses, easy to keep track of who has signed up for each course, and my customers find the system easy to use.

I highly recommend it.